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Product News:

Look for a good supply of Jalapeño Panela and Jalapeño Queso Fresco this week.  We also have Plain yogurt in Pints.

Our Plain Yogurt in 6 oz. cups will have a new label next week.  Look for it in Greenlife, Hendersonville Co-Op and The Fresh Market in the coming weeks.

Virginia made cheeseballs last week and they are very good.  Those of you who enjoyed these over the Christmas Holidays will be glad we have more.

We have Farmer's Cheese at The Curb Market and at our on-farm Store.  Try it and give us feedback.  This could be a new product line if you like it.

Our Logo

You may wonder why we have a dogwood on our logo. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First we want to emphasize our products are made here in North Carolina and the dogwood is the North Carolina State Tree.

Also, the dogwood is a reminder to us of our Christian Faith. The Legend of the Dogwood is as follows:

In Jesus time, the dogwood grew
To a stately size and a lovely hue.

'Twas strong & firm it's branches interwoven
For the cross of Christ its timbers were chosen.

Seeing the distress at this use of their wood
Christ made a promise which still holds good:

"Never again shall the dogwood grow
Large enough to be used so

Slender & twisted, it shall be
With blossoms like the cross for all to see.

As blood stains the petals marked in brown
The blossom's center wears a thorny crown.

All who see it will remember me
Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.

Cherished and protected this tree shall be
A reminder to all of my agony."

author unknown - (found on www.javaforjesus.com/legendofthedogwood.html)

Our Customers

Thank you all for your support. Each time we go out with our cheeses, more and more people recognize our products. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about Fullam Creamery.

Recent Events
We participated at the Johnson Farm Day and the Children's Festival last weekend.

We will also participate in the 11th Annual Mountain Farm & Garden Tour in June.  This will be June 24 and 25.  Come by and see us.  We will begin selling buttons for this tour later this month.

Links to check out:
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